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Fuck it, I'm sick of cleaning up after spammers
I want this site to be even lower maintenance. Please use the Deadjournal thread for comments

Comments:Update on Stage Manager. He managed to keep a sock on the SDMB for a year undetected.
keywords Snarkives
March 5, 2006 09:02:14 (GMT Time)

Comments: Why is Thursday nite Sex Nite on TV?
When did the Olympics get nekkid?
Historical reality of French Maid & Slavegirl Costumes
Actresses whose careers you'd like to see tank so they would do porn
keywords more evil captor
November 16, 2005 16:42:44 (GMT Time)

Comments:Evil Captor thinks sex is darn interesting. Let's beat the meat together, shall we?

(Ripped from Deadjournal article)

Comic fans, what's the straight dope on the history of sex in comics?
Hey comic fans, why all the hate for sexiness in comics and toons?
Thongs vs. nudity or "What's the deal with naughty bits?"
Earliest nudity and sex in mainstream TV/movies
Which TV series would you like to see revived as an HBO series (w/sex and nudity)?
Film and TV history buffs: help with firsts in bondage article
Actresses whose careers you'd like to see tank so they would do porn
keywords evil captor naked sex
November 16, 2005 16:19:43 (GMT Time)

Comments:Another Opal link list.
keywords linkmine
October 23, 2005 04:52:34 (GMT Time)

Name:Bosda Di'Chi
Comments:So nice to know I have a fan.
keywords Target Profiles
October 3, 2005 18:37:01 (GMT Time)

Comments: Does anyne know any of the B.A.T's SD usernames? I came across a post by one "King Nifty" claiming to have had multiple usernames eg Uekte. Linked?
August 16, 2005 13:58:44 (GMT Time)
Comments: Uekte's two other known identities are King Nifty and Cleverman. His schtick was that he really, really hated old people. He probably had other socks, but I'm not sure that he's related to BAT in any way. Here's a Uekte pitting if you're interested.

CH Note: I merged these two to tidy up page.
keywords Uekte
August 18, 2005 16:37:13 (GMT Time)

Post #45, She's visiting Flinx (also known as Snark, Snarkberry, Snark Hunter)
(Vanilla's Engaged)
(post #16, God can convert gay people)
(Snark wants to know if it's ok to require a future spouse to convert to your religion, and it gets weirder)
("Improper Touching")
(The breakup)
(An early example of a pre-emptive trainwreck lockdown.)
keywords Vanilla/ Snarkpit thread
August 8, 2005 13:23:06 (GMT Time)

Comments:Just so you know, Aldebaran's frothy ravings eventually got to be too much even for the laid-back Fathomites. Got his ass banned there too. Here's the thread where Opal lowers the boom. (CH note: it's on page 2 at 01:19 PM)

And here's one in which justanotherzombie (aka ZombiesAteMyBrain from the SDMB) bitches about the unfairness of it all.

CH adds: Thanks for update. Heh, Fathom doesn't changer a member's title when banned. That'll cut down on martyrdom.
keywords Aldebaran Fathom
August 2, 2005 22:58:27 (GMT Time)

Comments:Here's a couple of early Lib trainwrecks for ya. They are companion threads. I think this is the incident that resulted in Lib taking his first posting break from the boards
Looking for volunteers for SDMB APAS
My Character Weakness
The second thread is particularly nice 'cause Euty threatens to ban Lib at the end of it.

CH Note: prettied it up for you, thanks for links.
keywords Target Profiles Liberal Libertarian
June 29, 2005 03:40:19 (GMT Time)

Think of this as a Wiki with a gatekeeper.
Remember, you can say it snarky but try to give an objective read of the story.
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