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This collection is not meant to be an "altar of hate", merely an archive of Straight Dope Message Board ugliness, told with a little dark humour.

If done properly, I feel SSS will help people avoid the same traps and stop rehashing of the same old topics. Towards that latter aspect it was a BAT thread in the anonpit that got me started. (I was also the facetious anon at 19:27 in there).

Ongoing SDMB anon snark is at snarkpit.

Allan's brief re-opening allowed me to refer once again to a couple good anon comments regarding motivations and the anon concept.
Some sub-page notes:
  • Notable Targets: SDMB profiles linked open in same page and can only be viewed by SDMB members.
  • Trainwreck Snarkives: Sum-ups of memorable dust-ups. Begins with short intro to anon community reading.
  • SDMB AnonTimeline: A detailed account of the various anon community incarnations, submitted by an industrious anon. Intro includes a link to more "raw" version of source material.
  • Linkmine&Tools: Dropdown menus contain SDMB, LJ, DJ, and other bookmark dumps. Tools dropdown contains searches, glossary, and assorted anon useful links.
  • Comment this site/guestbook: May double as snarkiness lifeline if DJ goes wonky. Info page comment boxes insert on this page. Doesn't remember formatting but uses html tags. I'll pretty up and leave some stuff, maybe eventually move to an appropriate place.
  • Submissions Dropbox: link to screened DJ submissions thread- monitored by CloudHelmut
  • DeadJournal: link to un-screened DJ commentary thread- monitored by CloudHelmut

For those who like it raw, the old version is still online if you prefer. It has had no data added since the format change.

Sinking to periscope depth...
-- CloudHelmut (aka CarnalK)
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