Notable Targets on SSS
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Notables' Profiles
AirmanDoorsUSAF-- Aldebaran-- Bosda-- Collounsbury-- Crunchy Frog-- Demo-- Diogenes the Cynic-- EddyTeddyFreddy-- Eutychus(exMod)-- Evil Captor-- GingerOfTheNorth-- Guinastasia-- handy-- IDBB-- Incubus-- Indygrrl-- JarbabyJ-- Liberal-- Manhattan(exMod)-- Melin(exMod)-- MrCynical-- MsRobyn-- OpalCat-- Otto-- Phaedrus-- Polycarp-- QED-- Reeder-- Satan-- Skewbald-- SqrlCub-- Stage Manager-- TubaDiva(Admin)-- Tuckerfan-- vanilla-- Weirddave-- Zabali_Clawbane-- Zenster--
SDMB HandleProfile

Airman Doors
(sdmb profile)

Husband of MsRobyn. Meh, I got no real problem with them. His recent defence of my actions in the Desmo Kerfuffle sort of shows off part of the character I've grown to associate with him, a "babe-in-the-woods" straightshooter. Haw, you'll shake off that military indoctrination eventually. This may sound like backhand compliments but they're actually backspin insults. Search his posts, if you wanna know his character it shows most the time.

(sdmb profile)

Banned a year and a half into his membership, Aldebaran burned brightly from the beginning. Aldebaran adopted a nebulous background which triggered Lynn Bodoni to blow off confidentiality(which caused quite a shitstorm) and some hounding by Mehitabel, for one. Coupled with a stance that Iraqi insurgents were every bit as legitimate as US forces he definitely generated smoke. He had a style that puts me in mind of forgotten poster december. However, he was more easily provoked and had a viewpoint that garnered more attention. That meant all his bullshittery got concentrated timewise and was more thoroughly inspected before his farewell. The harshest view just before banning was that he was the "pet muslim", only not-banned to give the board breadth. They surely gave him extra leeway, but he certainly was under steady fire. He's another who has taken refuge at Fathom only to be banned there too.

(sdmb profile)

Idiot driver of the unwelcome-wagon.Well, he pushes the horn anyway. Also a smiley barfer. People seem to like this example: Native American cities of stone In another classic, our hero gets owned in Column Comments and then in his own Pit thread about it.
Lord people, SDMB membership doesn't give you absolute right to be an intellectual snob. 'specially when u r a moran!!?!:) People are definitely rolling there eyes over mention of his National Merit Scholarship

(sdmb profile)

"A good man in the Middle East". Often mistaken for a liberal simply for disliking Bush II, our mercantilist contrasted nicely with december. Even after a suspension he couldn't keep a lid on the shit talk. With that, he was banned for the final time. The rants continue (archived LJ,ongoing

Crunchy Frog
(sdmb profile)

Original handle was BratMan 007. A fairly well liked poster that some in-joke had got him nicknamed "Boo boo". This likeable status might have gone out the window had he not vigorously distanced himself from his "girlfriend's" shenanigans. See BooBoo's Crazybitch.

(sdmb profile)

Along with MrCynical one of first mods of #straightdope chat. Old thread: "So who hangs out in #straightdope chat"

Diogenes the Cynic
(sdmb profile)

Bitter defender of children, Christian historical source, and lefty-ish dude Taken from the deleted SDMB LJ thread that "Fake" Dio started attempting to take credit for the anon_shutdowns, here are "Real" Dio's reflections:

I have a pretty distinct writing style and point of view, so no, it's not a "surprise" that I would be spoofable. My intelligence can't be faked, though, but you'd have to be intelligent yourself to see that, so I suppose that's why so many of you morons were so easily whooshed. Somebody curses a lot and you all assume it's me because in my SD posts, those are the only words you can understand.

(sdmb profile)

For big fancy events you just have to have a confetti cannon. Well, for your $14.95 it's nothing but the best: Our's spouts limericks! OMFG! =|:-)}
Pretty good sport really, she sent me these links while I was on suspension. Just stay the hell outta MY goddamn BBQ Pit!
::pokes with broom while dodging flung cats::

(sdmb profile)

This popular mouskateer and moderator's defrocking may need an entry on the snarkarchives. Ed's announcement gets a little hijacked. A contemporary BBQ Pit thread. I think a long gone poster BooksWoods summed it up:

I skimmed the other threads that appear to have started the train here. It started when CKDexterHaven responded in horror to Persephone's [CH Note: Euty's SO,who passed away in 2004] post about CPS removing her kids from her dirty house (while she partied with friends in NY). From the text in Persephone's post, it was reasonable to be horrified, IMHO. Most of the people who thought CkDex was way out of line thought that his biggest sin was not having all the facts and not finding out more before he posted his reaction to her post. Now it looks like some of those same people are doing the same thing here.

And I guess the apologies didn't have enough ummph. Founder of now defunct Teemings e-zine. Still listed as member of SDSAB.(jeez, Euty's user number is 22)

Evil Captor
(sdmb profile)

Evil Captor came into stark snark notice when eyes were turned to his "art", if you will. Basically, photoshopped celebs in bondage situations and by all accounts not impressive. For non Cafe Society goers, this may have been a Doper's first encounter with Evil Captor's favorite muse - hogtied women. Others had noticed for a while but their Pit threads got pretty tangled in association with anon "plotting" and autopilot bigotry accusations. Former admin Arnold seriously goes to the mattresses in that 2nd pitting by Excalibre.

(sdmb profile)

Wife of Weirddave. Kinda bitchy

(sdmb profile)

I guess some people get annoyed with a jobless late 20's girl who still lives with her parents doling out advice and snark. Also, she proudly spends too much time on the computer. Perhaps the Dopers can ferret out what her deal is.

(sdmb profile)

Usually talking out of his ass handy had the record number of posts before his banning (17 000+, 03/12/1999 - 11/25/2003). He was under a warning not to post any medical related information. The health benefits of condom use was good enough for staff. He made one rather sad peep for reinstatement, denied.

(sdmb profile)

Originally fully spelled out her username as 'I_Dig_Bad_Boys' and the final name before banning was 80sHairMetalMaven. Mental image forming? There's more: she's hardcore Disney fan and Goth. Bad News Baboon summed her up with a question: "I wonder if the dope ever does any mercy banning." She made it easy on the staff when she admitted to a sock .

On a Dis ney fan journal she posted about giving rocks out for Halloween. Good one. Brilliant, living embodiment of trainwreck that inspired an LJ anti-fan site.

(sdmb profile)

Too Much Information Superstar! Here's an old one people just can't let go, much like Incubus' fecal matter. In his LJ he notes he's a "fella who likes to write and tell my thoughts to others". no shit.

(sdmb profile)

I don't hang out in MPSIMS but I'll make up a quote someone who doesn't like Indygrrl might attribute to her:

"If we could switch bodies you'd see how tough it is. Well, you'd probably masturbate constantly for the first week. But once the awesomeness of my body wore off, you'd see it's not all roses."

Recently a 6 week break didn't get noticed. How did we not miss the "bang" her posts make?

(sdmb profile)

An original member of "bitch brigade"(hidden, you must be logged in to view. Also note that a dioletion has occurred). Members of Bitch Brigade have long been snark givers and targets. Probably the best trainwreck JarbabyJ started targetted Duck Duck Goose, then an unreformed Googler. DDG felt obliged to return fire.
Despite being long gone from the Dope, people like knowing her backstory.

(sdmb profile)

Originally named Libertarian. Lib is a hot & cold running modal-god worshipper, having graduated from Satanism and Atheism. Following from that logically, I'm sure, deep down all religions are really his religion. Note for reference the Triskadecamus/Liberal exchange in the garden.

Oh yeah, he's a libertarian, which inspired Dewey Cheatem Undhow's Libertarian Library.

Lib will occasionally take a "break", which seem more like "working vacations". The previous break was a little more confused judging from his refuge at Fathom thread (is it just me or did Nu Vo Da Da totally troll him in there?). He likes the pile-ons, feeds the old martyr complex. Yes, that martyr complex is indeed old. A recent usage, attempting to wriggle out of a Pitting with a casual death notice, got him a 30-day suspension.

(sdmb profile)

Flamethrowing ex-GQ moderator. Known to some as "child sex cult" Manny for his comments on the Catholic church and weak apology. He's also done some ghostwriting for GingerOfTheNorth. This just in: Manhattan is the latest harried conservative to be chased from the boards!

(sdmb profile)

Another multi-board flame out (sdmb_anonymous discussion), collectively referred to as MelinGate (I know, yuk). Staff cited too much nonsense and lawsuit fears as reason for her defrocking and later banning. (apparently she wouldn't 'let it go' in her sig lines). We all look very mature don't we?

Refuge she took moderating at Fathom ended in similar tears. The "Doc Watson" eulogies deserve a look if you want a feel for Melin.

(sdmb profile)

One of the first (now former) official mods of straightdope chat and the maintainer of the ljanonymouslj community. Apparently posting from his Blackberry, MrC had the login settings FU'd. A well known secret was outed (MrC don't like Lynn and he's a shithead about it).

(sdmb profile)

She hates the anon shit and let's it show. Wife of AirmanDoorsUSAF.
Personally I think a lot of the flack that they get is from putting on too noble an image and then kinda disappointing. I mean "Ms." Robyn and "Airman" Doors? When anon-snarkers want to be shitheads they try to blame her for losing her first child. Don't know how she inspires that kind of hate.

(sdmb profile)

Stripper with a whole lot of spunk and a hole in her purse. Queen of the Fabulous Forums of Fathom, the refuge site for many bitter SDMB ex-pats (e.g. Melin, Satan, Drainbead, Aldebaran, occasionally Liberal). The topic of Opal comes up commonly in the anon_community. Fairly early on she threw a scare with a faux suicide/self-mutilation display on the SDMB (which was mercy deleted by staff). I think this incident might have permanantly fixed a few opinions. It's the continuing stoooory of a cat that's gone to the dogs.

See also ChiDope'04

(sdmb profile)

Originally drawn to the SDMB taking issue with the ‘master’ over an SSM column, Otto; the resident drag queen (or is he?), is considered by many to be a Janey one note. The only Doper to earn an ASSHAT label under his screen name from Lynn, he tends to be caustic to friend and foe alike.

Our Queen of Hearts is known to spend a few bucks on internet poker and strippers. With an alluring ability to make men fall in love with him after an initial romp in the hay, one can only conclude his vehement support for gay marriage is rooted in his desire to get green cards for illegals after a brief courtship & the inability to communicate in the same language.

Oh, did we forget to mention, O t t o P l a y s P o k e r?

(CH note: thanks anon for this complete submission, In fairness, note he's only IN all those poker threads - didn't start them all. Also, :p )

(sdmb profile)

From his profile: "Phaedrus, Defender of Truth, Justice, and the Native American Way". It seems his last appearance was when called on a disprove the sock challenge by manhattan in "Who Wants To Be A Phaedrusaire?". When an old timer talks about "Pulling a Phaedrus" they refer to his habit of making a provocative teaser post and slowish, perhaps backtracking, follow up.

Generally considered the disgruntled ex-member who blew the whistle on the SDMB's invasion of LBMB.

(sdmb profile)

Super nice guy eagerly awaiting the velvet apocalypse to be rung in by young gay millionaire Jesus A short timer named badchad has been about the only poster I've seen go after him for the squishiness that comes from mixing extreme Xianity and leftyness.

(sdmb profile)

Google wanker. This one is a good example actually because he has to defend his googling ways. A personal sidenote: You see my (Post#42) comment there referring to "Dementia- Degenerative Googlemania"? It was a light joke and God laughed- look who posts next.

Don't know how seriously to take it but a dangling usernumber in a recent OP implies someone who was visiting QED's member-info page fucked up a C&P before submitting.

(sdmb profile)

Left wing attack dog. Previous to his banning, he was under a One Bush thread at a time probation, which he once skirted by pitting Jeb in one and W in the other. Ha, you funny. To be fair, as of this writing(May11/05) only 3% of his posts contain the word "Bush".

He was targeted by Midnight Writer and Low Dog and a similar list presented by TVeblen in his last straw thread lead to his banning. Anon snarkers may reference Reeder's sex life as a snipe. Pretty mainstream swinger. Trust me - that's all you want to know on this.

(sdmb profile)

Big time egoist and egotist who had an acrimonious flame out and ban. His last foray into anonpitmod was instructive ego-wise. Satan's S.O.P seems to be begging by proxy and acting like a jerk. He likes to poke TPTB and yet constantly suggests he has insider knowledge (He and ex girlfriend Drainbead backup OpalCat in that thread). See also the LeftBehind Board War.


(sdmb profile)

Known pretty much solely for the pyjama pants girl monologues. It was just too darn fun to be believable.
Boo scrooges! {{{pyjama pants}}}
for the bad spelling searchers: pajama pajamas pyjamas

(sdmb profile)

Most well known for his house invasion prank. When he later revealed he'd been socking as dorkusmalorkusmafia for quite some time, many wondered if a couple of mods had been in on the sock AND the prank. Are all lips sealed now?

Stage Manager
(sdmb profile)

From profile: "The Artist (poster, sorry) Formerly Known As Mikie". Of the StageManager Incident

(sdmb profile)

Simply put: not so humble and according to breathless reports she has no reason to be. Once caused a kerfuffle over moderating content to help her resume. She apparently has some experience reporting to LJ, if people recall the LJ "Doper" ripple. See also the StageManager Incident.

(sdmb profile)

World famous for having a penis that would stretch an old whore, let alone those poor virgins.

(sdmb profile)

How do you describe an indignant mooch? Well, I guess I just did. The final straw was when she arranged an ambush for her church's pastor; friggin' ugly IMHO. Her banning and a contemporary pit thread was the immediate aftermath.

Vanilla had a past of spotty relationships including fellow-members, the most trainwreckworthy being gay-Mormon Snark Hunter, as well as cons using her to mule weed into prison.

Promised SDMB sock action was delivered via Good Egg with proud internet glory.

(sdmb profile)

Don't know him much myself but he seems a bit of a self important blowhard. Look at him flip his lid in a thread on in-game treachery (it's just like Fred Phelps at a funeral). Husband of GingerOfTheNorth. Here he is defending OpalCat.

Bit of a "shit-stirrer", being the first to take a poke at recently unbanned lissener, thereby raising questions about the re-instatement.

(sdmb profile)

Another Goth trainwreck. She shook a few peoples' confidence in her story retelling abilities when her pitting of astro went awry. For now there's a sublist devoted to her in the SDMB section of the linkmine.

(sdmb profile)

An obsessive gourmet with a tendency to espouse violence, which finally got him banned. I guess the handle was meant ironically. Zenster was also quite the go-getting junior mod.

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