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It's hoped that this site can be used as a reference for the cyclical and non-ending arguments. Maybe future Dopers can avoid the same pratfalls This site can get off the ground quicker if I get some good submissions. Send me your best bookmarked thread links that show a trainwreck-type event or display a snarkworthy poster's habits.

Update Mon, May16/05:

I appreciate the Archive detective threads some have submitted over the past week at . Some straight forwardly saying it's for my site, others less forthcoming.

At this point I'm thinking if someone isn't on the list and noone has bothered to save a few bookmarked examples(and send them in) then I won't bother with them for now. So only more complete submissions or useful links submitted are going to get looked at. I want a break from link mining so everyone might want to hold off on the "why does everyone hate XXX" thread submissions, if they are for my benefit.

As I complete the first week of work on the project I'm about to give myself a "break". I'm going to spend the next couple of days on editting and prettying up. Keep submitting on my journal, I'm just warning of less than instant gratification on when it gets on the site.

I'm thinking of adding a page and I'm asking for suggestions. Not necessarily in a bad way, but who are the "Topic Stalkers"?
If one of these topics comes up who WILL post in the thread?
ex- Religion/Christianity: Lib,Zev,Poly,Dio
GBLT rights:
Bodily Functions:
Child Rearing/Development:

Good example links? Other topics?

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