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Welcome to the Trainwreck Snarkives,

Likely it's obvious advice but don't take anon posts at face value. Not only do people outright lie many also attempt strawman style poses. Such as acting like a complete ass just to show everyone how commonly assholes post in anon or obscenely insult Tuckerfan to show only nutjobs hate Tuckerfan. Be cautious of even my own sum ups, that's why I tried to put up links.

If you want to comment on a topic do everyone a favour and get a handle on it. You'll see much snark is all hype. When a good point is made it doesn't matter who said it. Don't sweat the baseless insults or obscene graffiti. Feel free to mock at will but D(over-)FTT, they get fat and can't dance anymore

Note on Netiquette: Even though many from the "mothership" think anon_communities are scornworthy that really is no excuse to abandon netiquette. You really shouldn't mock the total anon concept. Especially if you sort of act hypocritically and post anon. See the two board wars listed below.

-- CloudHelmut/CarnalK

Trainwreck Snarkives
BAT-- Le(f)t Behind BoardWar-- Death of Wally-- BooBoos Crazybitch-- Winter of Our Missed Content-- 5t0r/\/\ Fr0nt BoardWar-- Rev Mykeru-- ChiDope'04-- Real Dio vs "Fake" Dio-- StageManager Incident-- KaitSix Outing--

Bay Area Troll

(Probably ongoing to some degree)
Multi-Board Super Sock who's been discussed at length. Rumors continue of Secret Mod threads damning Opal's ex-hubby UDD as B.A.T by ip-tracing.

Le(f)t Behind Wars
Satan dabbles in fundamentalism

(December 1999 - Spring 2000)
Well this is before my time but I did a little hunting. tomndebb gave the no-names version so here's the with-names version:

Satan takes it upon himself to declare a board war against the "Left behind" message board (LBMB), a now defunct site for fans of the fundamentalist fiction series. He might not have been very forthcoming in that declaration however. That would depend on when David B (a moderator at the time) and he did their "initial intelligence recon missions to the LBMB" together. There followed the usual baiting posts in GD of course. LBMB staff support of retribution escalated things quickly (they were tipped to the SDMB's invasion by Phaedrus I believe). Back and forth postings and bannings resulted until a truce was called.

A more moderate message board called the "Pizza Parlour" split off the LBMB. Polycarp moderated there for a time and arranged cross forum relations as well. This is off the cuff but it seems jenkinsfan was a last hold out Satan had to flame--link avalanche styley . Those links he gives contain valid thread numbers but the coding must have got screwed in one of the board software switches. Here's the first five fixed up:1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Death of Wally
Wally Lives!!

(June 2000)
Amiable plagiarist Wally is crushed in a manner very similar to a can of pineapples, supposedly by heavy equipment at work. His "daughter's" wrap up on SDMB left many questions to be asked (that Heloise pit thread was closed by Cajun Man for being a "rumor mill").
Three things set off the hoax alarms:
  • It was just before a Doper gathering he was to attend.
  • Coupled with the fact that he was cyber-trysting with Shayna
  • The apparent lack of substantiation by local Toronto Dopers

  • Shayna claimed she corresponded with Wally's daughter. I remember there was one SDMB thread trying to track down a work accident report as well as discussing the ability to find it online at all. No confirmation was found but not all things are on the web

    BooBoo's Crazybitch
    Honesty is such a lonely word

    (March 2001)
    First off note: Boo Boo's Tigress originally went by the handle "Honesty". That name clearly went back into rotation and the current Doper using it seems quite legit.

    This sock loving sympathy troll yanked quite a few chains on two forums. While everyone is quick to call "Munchausen by proxy", Boo Boo's Tigress' pre-troll posting shows she liked "I'm an idiot" style attention too. Not sure if that's a point. heh. Anyhoo, the first trollery was using sock Odz Bodkin to falsely announce Crunchy Frog (then known as Bratman 007) was in a car accident. Stirring her own shit, Boo Boo's chicky Pits her own sock. You're whole hog, girl!

    Round two, who doesn't love a dying baby story? Yug. She couldn't let this one go to waste so now donning the sock Little Tassie (sdmb profile, Fathom profile) we are treated to cross-posted point form grief on the SDMB and on Fathom. In fact, people were so moved crossposting went whacky for a while. Crunchy again has to disavow knowledge in the BBQ venting/morbid curiosity thread.

    Much of this entry shamelessly cribbed from an anonpit thread on the subject.

    Winter of our Missed Content
    A Hole in the Past

    (December 7th 2001 - March 10th 2002)
    Not a trainwreck but partially explains the gap in events here.
    A long server outage (caused by a hacker?) lead to massive loss of data. All content was lost from between December 7 2001 and mid Feb 2002, when the crash happened. Service was not restored until March 10 2002.

    5t0r/\/\ Fr0nt War
    Aryan descendants descend on the Dope

    (October 2002 - ?2004?)
    Being who they are, both Dopers and white-proud SFers thought the other would be fun to poke. Much cross-board membership, flaming, and baiting ensued. The last holdout seems to have been a certain Rabbi Rosencratz.

    sdmb_anonymous metadiscussion

    Rev Mykeru
    Out on a rail

    (February 2003)
    I'm putting Rev Mykeru in the "incident" section because his membership was like a flash of bright light and ugly sulfur. You can probably tell from his own event sum up that he's one to explore his grudges. Har. He certainly brought the "circle the wagons" mentality out of some Dopers. (He took it down a while ago. Those two links are captured from google cache.)

    We have here an old usenet flamewarrior and some of the rather provincial members of the board assumed he must be a sock. I mean where else do people learn to code vB? Whether he would have been a good member is less important than the way he was kinda run out on a rail. Because his re-telling has extensive links I'll let him carry the load on this story; obviously not the most unbiased account so follow links if you care.

    salesman convention, not family reunion

    (May 2004)
    I bet they knew this would be big from the planning to the invitation.

    Party fallout immediately goosed anonymous discussion and recently was summed up on anonpit. My digging seems to confirm that Mnementh and Cosmopolitan did some mooning and flashing, Opal drunkenly did some mooching and grinding, and sperfur seemed over affectionate to some. It appears she was the only one calling "BigFuckinDeal" for drunken exploits; Opal and Cosmo both said they learned a lesson. No one really stepped up to substantiate the dreaded "illegal substance".

    The episode seemed to put a chill into dropzone and there are hints of him getting jilted there. But supposedly the big deal was the IRL snark, which I haven't really explored. We'll see if this entry progresses.

    Real Dio vs. "Fake" Dio
    The secret origin of "dioleted"

    (October 2004 - February 2005)
    In SDMBConfess and Trainwreck Spotting I (CH Note: See Anon Timeline), there was a poster posting for months as diogenes_t_c. This was supposedly confirmed by, I thought, ConfessMod. The fake dio was every bit as annoying as the real dio, right down to calling anon posters cowards. Then fake dio was caught posting anon, on SDMBConfess, and posts started getting deleted* (where the anon community term dioleted came from). Fake dio kept asking for proof that he deleted posts, and never admitted to it, even after screenshots were posted. Eventually, this person claims not to be dio, saying it was all a joke. We all laugh and point, calling him a fool.

    Fast forward a couple of months, fake Dio shows up in TWS, and the same shit starts happening, only this time a couple of people bring it to the boards, where Dio gets called out, and to everyones shock, has no idea he has an impersonator on the anon boards!
    -Submitted by trainwreckmod (slightly editted for length and added links)

    *apparently he went all foamers over spelling and vB tag fuckups he was called on
    CH verdict: I dunno, probably fake.

    The StageManager Incident
    Tuba strikes back

    (February 2005)
    It can be described at greater length but the short version is TubaDiva got an email from one of the younger SDMB members saying that he had been in private contact with StageManager. SM is banned. As some sort of warning or scare tactic Tuba posts SMís Meganís Law info on his LiveJournal, as well as some righteous anger.

    After a 30 day sabbatical for personal info infringment, Tuba comes back exuding humbleness. A blue sock is donned and the question asked: "how do YOU feel?". Stagemanager could only comment in LJ. Made into an especially big deal because Tuba's return happened so close to re-subscription time.

    SM continues to haunt the anon boards and SDMB LiveJournal

    KaitSix Outing
    A nerd by any other name...

    (February 2005)
    Whatís more interesting - a skinny white guy or a Korean transsexual hotty? Well, a while back a Doper named Number Six didnít just ask that question, he decided to answer it. He requested a username change and performed his own virtual sex/race modifications. ďKaitlynĒ was born.

    Soon the many underwear discussions were engulfed by this vivacious creature who had had the world set against her. But then an innocuous pitting gets T-boned. A couple of Woodward & Bernstein types have posted on trainwreckspot. Which anonymous coward will pay it forward? A sock with staying power - Can of Pineapples. Such blatant trolling demanded banning. Rocking Trainwreck!
    Note: woodwrdbernsten's next foray seemed less researched and current, and therefore less accepted.
    Think of this as a Wiki with a gatekeeper.
    Remember, you can say it snarky but try to give an objective read of the story.
    Fuck it, I'm sick of cleaning up after spammers
    I want this site to be even lower maintenance. Please use the Deadjournal thread for comments
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